Aminaxton 10 Fluid

Aminaxton 10 Fluid


A bioactivator from the plant’s metabolic processes, formulated with amino acids of vegetable origin. Due to its unique aminogram, the product acts quickly and effectively, helping the plant to immediately overcome any stress caused by adverse weather, poor irrigation or phytotoxicity caused by inadequate treatment.

*Certified product for organic farming (Regulation No. 834/2007).


  • Total organic matter45%
  • Total amino acids12%
  • Free amino acids10%
  • Total nitrogen (N)6%
  • Organic nitrogen (N)3%
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)3%

Recommended crops

Alfalfa, cotton, strawberry, horticulture
banana, citrus, fruit trees, sugar beet,
cereals, olive trees, vineyards, ornamental/flower
crops, others.


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