Oceanum Victory

Oceanum Victory


Liquid concentrate of fresh seaweed (30% richness) with amino acids, vitamins and other natural substances. It can be used in all types of crops, either in foliar application (diluted in the treatment broth) or through irrigation systems. Ideal product for crop start-up and in the stages of flowering, setting and ripening. It contains a balanced concentration of alginic acid, mannitol and natural phytohormones, which make the product a highly effective biostimulant.

* Certified Product for Organic Agriculture (Regulation 834/2007).


  • Alginic acid3%
  • Mannitol0,7%
  • Free amino acids3%
  • Total nitrogen (N)2%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O)3,5%
  • Seaweed species: As Nodosum

Recommended crops

Alfalfa, cotton, strawberry, vegetable crops, banana, citrus, fruit, beet, cereal, olive, vineyard, ornamental crops, others.


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